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Construction raw materials

R + D + i laboratory for the development of tests on construction materials:
Make all kinds of tests of any material used in construction, building, etc. Initially, it allows a large number of tests for the investigation of mortars, cements, limes, plasters, aggregates and other materials.

The tests that can be performed are the following:

For aggregates:

  • Determination of sand equivalent in fine aggregate (EAV) determined at sight. UNE 83-131
  • Methylene blue test: UNE EN 933-9
  • Determination of water absorption and density of UNE 1097-6 particles
  • Determination of the granulometric analysis of aggregates: UNE EN 933-1
  • Determination of the index of slabs in an aggregate, according to UNE-EN 933-3
  • Determination of the percentage of fracture faces of coarse aggregate particles, according to UNE-EN 933-5
  • Determination of the shape coefficient according to UNE EN 933-4
  • Determination of the resistance to fragmentation by the coefficient of the Angels, according to UNE EN 1097-2
  • Determination of Micro-Deval wear resistance, according to UNE EN 1097-1
  • Determination of the coefficient of accelerated polishing UNE EN 1.097- 8

For mortars:

  • Determination of the resistance to bending and compression of hardened mortars to 28 days, according to UNE-EN 1015-11
  • Determination of bulk density in fresh mortars, according to UNE EN 1015-6
  • Determination of the consistency of fresh mortar by the shaking table method according to UNE EN 1015-3
  • Determination of the resistance to adhesion of plaster and plastering mortar applied on supports according to UNE EN 1015-12
  • Determination of the coefficient of water absorption by capillarity of the hardened mortar according to UNE EN 1015-18
  • Determination of the water vapor permeability of hardened mortar according to UNE EN 1015-19
  • Determination of air content of fresh mortar according to UNE EN 1015-7