The Construction Technology Center has advanced energy equipment with which it can develop R & D & i projects, as well as offer companies services of the highest quality and professionalism.


The tightness test or Blower Door test measures the tightness, that is, the air tightness of the envelope of a building or part of it: of a single-family home, of an office building, of a house in a residential block, etc. It is carried out following the procedure established in the UNE-EN ISO 9972: 2019 standard and is applied in combination with thermography.

An energy audit is the inspection, study and analysis of the energy flows in a building, process or system with the aim of understanding the dynamic energy of the system under study. It is carried out to look for opportunities to reduce the amount of energy consumed in the system. When the object of study is an occupied building, the aim is to reduce energy consumption, maintaining and improving hygrothermal comfort, health and safety at the same time.

Thermal resistance and heat capacity of materials, elements and systems. There is enormous potential in the areas of insulating materials that must be manufactured to a constant high quality level and marketed under strict control of their properties, the most important being thermal conductivity. CTCON has equipment for determining the thermal parameters of materials by the heat flow meter method.

Thermal bridges are areas in which a variation in the uniformity of the construction is evidenced (change in the thickness of the enclosure, of the materials used, penetration of constructive elements with different conductivity, joints between deficient elements, etc.). The loss of heat through thermal bridges has a considerable impact on the results of energy demand. A thermographic camera is used to detect and locate thermal bridges and possible irregularities in the insulations.

The term Indoor Air Quality (IAC) refers to the quality of the air in and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of the building's occupants. At CTCON we monitor the ambient air conditions of the built environment (cold rooms, rooms, homes, etc.) to diagnose problems (e.g. unwanted stratification) and propose solutions.