News 01.11-2021

CEMEX seeks to use the sun to decarbonize cement

This advance is an important element of CEMEX's current Climate Action strategy. Synhelion is a pioneering Swiss company in the field of sustainable solar fuels and heating processes.

The radically new approach is based on replacing the consumption of fossil fuels in cement plants with high-temperature solar energy and capturing 100% of carbon emissions, which are subsequently used as feedstock for the production of fuels , which allows the complete decarbonization of the cement production process

This is made possible by the unprecedented temperatures of the solar heat supplied by Synhelion and its pioneering process for converting CO2 into synthetic fuels such as kerosene, diesel and gasoline.

“The partnership with Synhelion reinforces our commitment to decarbonize cement production and is the result of our ongoing research efforts to develop sustainable solutions, as well as identifying strategic partners at the forefront of innovation. Synhelion shares our commitment to closing the carbon cycle and will allow us to accelerate the step towards our ambition to offer concrete with zero net CO2 emissions globally by 2050 ”, concluded Zampini.



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